Shelters are wonderful, fosters are fantastic, transports rock, adoption is to be commended, BUT the ultimate answer is to spay and neuter. We have had great successes but still so much more to go! Butte Spay/Neuter is always in need of funding for our clinics (they may be free or donation only to the public, but they are expensive to host) and also funding for our $50-off s/n certificates. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 544, Butte MT 59703.

The Butte Spay/Neuter Task Force hosts low cost/no cost spay/neuter clinics to help low to moderate income households with the spaying and neutering of their companion animals.

If you need help getting your animal spayed or neutered, please call 406-782-5110.

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Please call 782-5110 to get on the waiting list for our clinic or for a $50-off spay/neuter certificate.

Butte Spay Neuter Task Force has teamed up with Montana Spay Neuter Task Force in offering $50 off certificates for the spaying/neutering of companion animals for low income to medium income households.
Our certificate program is now offered statewide for folks that need a little help getting their animals spayed or neutered. We will send you a $50 off certificate, you will make an appointment with your veterinarian, we will pay the $50 to the veterinarian clinic and you will pick up the rest of the bill. Please call 406-782-5110 to get a certificate.

. To apply for a pet through the Butte Spay-Neuter Task Force, you can apply with this interactive form or you can click here to access the PDF application form. Then you can mail it to us at P.O. Box 544, Butte, MT 59703, or
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The Spay-Neuter Count
2004 283 431
2005 172 301
2006 132 262
2007 252 173
2008 211 239
2009 232 372
2010 228 393
2011 204 242
2012 164 223
2013 126 207
2014 160 364
2015 73 269
2016 62 283
2017 69 181
2018 436 93
2019 101 320
2020 49 295
2021 68 320
2022 63 459
2023 135 572
All-Time 2,971 6,700

2004/05 211 $4,220
2006 100 $2,000
2007 64 $1,280
2008 101 $2,020
2009 113 $3,390
2010 110 $3,300
2011 86 $2,580
2012 115 $3,450
2013 78 $2,130
2014 108 $3,420
2015 147 $4,510
2016 149 $4,410
2017 112 $4,470
2018 100 $3,000
2019 133 $3,990
2020 270 $13,500
2021 416 $20,800
2022 411 $20,550
2023 586 $29,300
Total since 1996 3,474 $132,910

Who would have known that on January 16th of this year, when we visited a cat overpopulation situation in the Gold Creek area, we would be into a rescue situation of 75 cats and kittens. We were only going to check it out and possibly take 10 cats and kittens to start with. That was the plan. We went home with close to 20. This started a four month operation of trapping, vet care (of course they were all sick), spaying and neutering and finding homes for these beautiful creatures. Each of these cats and kittens have such personality and beautiful markings. Some want to be your best friend, others just want a safe and stable place to live with little human contact.

Many folks were contacted about this situation, but no one showed up. The Butte Spay Neuter Task Force took on this project because of the amazing cats that were at this location. These cats did not ask to be in this mess nor did they deserve to be. We knew going in would be a very expensive, time consuming project – but they were worth it.

We have found homes for many of the cats, but do still have some that are available for adoption. Some would need a cushy barn or shop home, some just need additional love and patience. We have placed, either adopted into private homes or transferred to rescue/shelter, 57 of these cats and kittens.

We are always looking for people to help fundraise. If this is something you would like to help us with, please or call 782-5110.

P.O. Box 544, Butte, MT 59703 • 406-782-5110 •
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